General Rules:

What is your Covid policy?

    1. Refer to covid policy for more information.
    2. We will be doing on site rapid covid testing for all event attendees.

Can I bring my family?

This event is 18+, if we start seeing a large number of request for families we will consider having a family event in the future.

What should I pack for camp?

Shortly after you book, we will be sending out a sample-packing list.

Will my dog have to be on a leash at all times?

Yes, we do have a rule that all dogs should be on a leash at all times. However, there are events such as the dog park, Dock Diving and the Agility training where they will have an opportunity to be off leash.


What Vaccinations do you require for my dog to attend camp?
    1. We require the same vaccination as if you were to board your dog: Parvovirus, Distemper, Canine hepatitis and Rabies 
    2. In addition Camp Hollywoof activities are mainly outdoors, so we highly recommend that your dog take the appropriate flee and Tick as well as Heartworm medication to prevent any health issues.
    3. If your dog has Flees or any other contagious infections they will not be allowed at camp.

We don’t believe in vaccinations, can my dog still attend camp?

We value your right to choose whether or not to vaccinate your dog, however it is our obligation to look after the safely of all the dogs at Camp Hollywoof and have to adhere to the vaccination policy. 

My dog is very anxious around other dogs can He/She come to camp?

There will be lots of dogs at camp and we do value the safety of all the dogs on property, this event may not be for all dogs. If you feel that your dog would be overwhelmed being around other dogs this is probably not the event for them. 

Food & Beverage Questions:

Is food included in my reservation? 

Yes, the following meals are included:

  • Friday- Dinner
  • Saturday- Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Sunday- Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Is alcohol included in the package price?

No, we will have wristband for 21+ and you will have the ability to purchase a “Cheers Package” or individual drinks as you wish from one of our bar locations though out the weekend.

Do you have food & water for my dog?

  • You are responsible for bringing meals and bowls for your dog. The water on property is great to drink out of the tap for you or your dog.
  • We will have water stations though out the property for you and your dog.

Will I be able to bring my dog to the dining areas?

You know your dog better then we do, and can determine if your dog will be able to sit still as you and the other guests enjoy your meal.  They are welcome to relax in the cabin as well and rest up between activities.

I have allergies to some foods, how can this be accommodated?

When you make your reservation, we have a section that asks about food allergies. Once we know of your allergies we make sure the chef will have food on property to prepare for you.   We also ask that when you arrive, you introduce yourself to our weekend event manager, this way we can make sure to accommodate you during served meals.

Activity Questions:

(Note as stated on our website: Camp Hollywoof reserves the right to update or change activities at any given time)

Do I need to pay to participate in any of the activities?

  1. No, all activities are include in your stay
  2. With the exception of any activity including alcohol, these will have a small additional fee. Typically $5-$10

Can my dog come to dinner with me?

You know your dog best and if you feel comfortable that they will be able to sit still through dinner with other dogs around and not interrupt dinner service, they are a welcome attend. They are also welcome to relax in the cabin as they probably are exhausted form their long day. 

Is my dog allowed to be unattended in the cabin?

Feel free to let your dog take a rest if needed while you do one of the Club Getaway offered activities or if your dog just needs to take a rest.

The photo shoot:

When is this offered and how do I sign up?

This will be available on Saturday and there will be sign up sheet to reserve your spot with one of the three photographers.

Do I have to bring cloths for my dog?

Yes, please bring anything you want your dog to wear for the photo shoot. We will have some props but not outfits.

Do I need to pay for my photos?

  1. We will give you one complimentary digital photo
  2. You are welcome to purchase other photos from the photographers at a Camp Hollywoof’s discounted prices

Fashion Show:

How do I sign up?

  1. We will send out information a few weeks before Camp Hollywoof and you will have the opportunity to sign up.
  2. We are allowing up to 25 guests in the show.

Do I need to provide an outfit for the fashion show?

  1. Yes, you will need to bring your own outfit for the show, we will announce you and your dog, and teach you how to walk the runway.
  2. You will need to attend the pre- show rehearsal at camp on Saturday, times TBA.

What are the themes of the Fashion show and do I need to dress up?

We ask that your dress up with your dog to make this event more fun. We have a (4) categories that our judges will be voting on:

  • Most Creative: Your unique fashion
  • Old School Glamorous: Think Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant
  • Wilderness Chic: Ranging from Troop Beverley hills to Glamping
  • Best duo: This is where you and your pup create a matching style that will wow the audience

Will I be walking the runway with my dog in the Fashion show?

Yes, you will be walking the runway with your dog in the fashion show. If they are small enough, we will have you carry your dog down the runway.  If they are bigger you will walk with them on a leash.

Will there be a rehearsal before the big show?

Yes, you will take part in an exclusive rehearsal event on Saturday, where you will learn to walk the run way, determine when your place is in the show, get the behind the scenes exclusive and provide us with information for your introduction so we know how to showcase your style on the runway.

Will this rehearsal prevent me for doing other activates?

No, there is a full list of activities that are running all day long and you will have plenty of time to do many other activities. Also remember you have another chance to do activates on Sunday as well.

If I am not part of the fashion show, can I still have an experience of being in a fashion show?

Yes, we will have a “ Walk the Run Way” activity on the schedule that you can participate in. Feel free to come dressed up or in your camp clothes.

 When is the fashion show taking place?

This is taking place on Saturday night. You and your dog need to pre-register for the show.   We will be sending out information on how to register.   We will be accepting about 25 participants.  However, you don’t need to be in the show to get the experience.  

Agility Course

My dog has never been though an agility course before, can we still try this?

Yes, you will have an opportunity to try it out even if you have not done it before.  We have a trainer there to give you tips along the way.

 When will I be able to participate in the Green Screen Adventure?

  1. We will be running this activity on both Saturday and Sunday.
  2. There will be a sign up sheet on Saturday morning listing multiple options thought out the day.We will also have this event on Sunday.

How does the casting call work?

We will have a pet-casting agent on site for the weekend. She will have a sign up sheet and meet with small groups to interview each dog, explain what agents are looking for, and give you tips specific to your dog on what they need to learn to get noticed.   Guests will have opportunity to meet with her both Saturday and Sunday.

Dock Diving

Does my dog need to know how to swim?

Yes, your dog must already have the ability to swim in order to enter the Dock diving contest.

Can my dog participate in Dock diving at any other times of the day?

There will be designate times for dogs to practice dock diving before the contest, but they don’t have to participate in the contact to practice at these allotted times.

Kayaks, canoes, boats, stand up paddle boards

Can my dog go in a kayak if they don’t know how to swim?

If you want to do water sports with your dog please bring a dog life vest.


Hiking or power walking:

Do we need to sign up for this or can we hike on our own?

We have special hiking guides who know the mountain hiking trails and will guide you up and down the mountain. There will be multiple opportunities for hiking on both Saturday and Sunday.

How does the power walking activity work?

We will meet up at a specified meeting point, and a Camp Hollywoof staff member will guide you into the town of Kent, where you are free to explore, grab a coffee, take some fun photos, and then walk back as a group. It’s a great way to make some friends and stretch your legs.

Media and Sponsorship:

For all media inquiries  please contact Club Getaway on 860 927 3664 and they will direct you to our executive team.

Ready to join us?